4th Grade

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Search Tools for Older Elementary

Nettrekker - WCS paid subscription service available to county students

Fourth Grade Skills - interactive sites

    (caution: content has not been checked on all of the links on this page)

KidPort - Several subjects to practice at all grade levels

That Quiz - create exercises and quizzes for specific subjects and skills


Typing Practice

     Learn to Type - a great BBC website - DANCE MAT TYPING lessons

     Type for Fun - a space game from Type to Learn - SPACE ROCKS game

     Typing Practice - one line at a time

     Bubbles Typing Game - letters float up

     Typing Test - uses a high level vocab

     Typing practice - a site from the UK

     Peter's Online Typing Course - a very cool LEARNING site



Go for Grammar Gold - Grade 4 quizzes

Identify parts of speech - 20 questions

Proofreading Makes Perfect - practice correcting errors

Grammar Blast - grammar quizzes

PlanetZug - game show style vocabulary practice



Simple Machines

      Simple Machines from Edhead


The Gene Scene - use this link for your Gene Scene Web Hunt

Solar System

Astronomy and space for kids

SSE Planets Our Solar System Overview

Solar System

Welcome to the Planets

ZOOM ASTRONOMY - Enchanted Learning Software


   EPA KIDS: Wastes Kids - Detective Training




  Interactive Maths - (UK) for students 7-11 yr olds

  Math Words Look up definitions! Do activities!

            Awesome site from the land down under! G'day mate!

A Plus Math (flashcards, games for + - x /)

AAA Math (math drills for K-8 organized by grade and by topic)

ArithmAttack (math drills + - x / with a timer)

Math Mayhem Math Competition (use a nickname)

Math Brain on Funbrain - Can you win all the games?


Visual Fractions An On-Line Fraction Tutorial

  Equivalent Fractions - (NCTM)


   Click here and play any game that relates to fractions.


   Click here to play games on measurement

   Click here for more measurement

    Measurement at FunBrain.com

Division and Decimal Practice

(A) Division Practice 1 digit divisor AAAmath

(B) Division Worksheet 1 digit divisor Room 108

(C) Power Football (decimal operations)

Coordinate Grid

Billy Bug - level 1 - Feed Billy Bug! (0,0) through (10,10)

Billy Bug - level 2 - Feed Billy Bug! (-5,-5) through (5,5)

Hurkle - Find the Hurkle (uses grid points and compass arrow)


Create A Graph - Create bar, pie, and area charts


Social Studies

    Scholastic's "The First Thanksgiving"


    Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids


The Mariners' Museum - The Age of Exploration

ZOOM EXPLORERS Enchanted Learning

Explorers of the Millennium

Voyage of Exploration Discovering New Horizons

Explorer Timeline



    Cyberchase Games Central! Click all games to get a list.


JIGSAW SUDOKU  - great for students
- a customizable logic puzzle!
Use the OPTIONS button to set up different sized boards and to pick     

numbers, colors, or symbols for your Sudoku game!