Franklin High School
810 Hillsboro Road
Franklin, Tennessee 37064
Principal: Willie Dickerson

The mission of Franklin High School is to provide a learning environment that empowers all
students to achieve success and become responsible, contributing members of the global community.




Athletic Director:  David Dickerson                                     Athletic Office                       


Athletic Director Job Description:


1.         Assists and coordinates scheduling with coaches.

2.         Approves purchase orders.

3.         Is responsible for TSSAA athletic eligibility.

4.         Is responsible for athletic disciplinary policy.

5.         Is responsible for student-athletes progress reports.

6.         Makes athletic travel arrangements when needed.

7.         Maintains team athletic records.

8.         Coordinates with parent booster clubs.

9.         Assists in athletic events set-ups and procedures.

10.       Secures officials for contests.

11.       Arranges athletic banquets.

12.       Coordinates football and basketball pass gate procedures

13.      Communicates athletic policy infractions to Principal.


FHS Coaches 2010-2011 School
Coaches Sport Number Email Ext.
David Dickerson, AD Head Track/ Cross Country 498-0135 4476
Adam Sumrall Trainer  708-3330 476-3522 3506
Craig Clayton Head Football 207-348-4760 3506
Patrick Murphy Asst Football 477-6790 3506
John Patton Head Freshmen Football 642-7056 3503
Andrew Tomlinson Freshmen Football/ Asst. Wrestling 426-3739 3454
Ken Curtis Asst. Football 944-4832 4468
Tony Keeton Asst. Football/Asst. Girls Softball 415-0214 3476
Porter Williams Asst. Football 390-1615
John Ordung Asst. Football  445-5857
David Defatta Asst. Football 566-3212
Landon Dunford Asst. Football 335-1690 landon.dunford
Derrian Waters Asst. Football 533-5389
David Williams Asst. Football 330-7942
Jimmy Burchett Head Girls Soccer 202-9922
Tricia Sisson Asst. Girls Soccer 512-3723 3507
Steve Parker Head Boys Soccer 790-5919
Steve Heileman Asst. Boys Soccer 418-6574
Kim Miller Head Volleyball 3500
Mindy Stone Asst. Volleyball 838-2921
Amanda Drake Freshmen Volleyball 931-239-6208
Cross Country
Ted Gleason Head Cross Country 579-8048
David Dickerson Head Cross Country 498-0135 4476
Jon Allen Head Boys & Girls Golf 238-4978 3581
Katie Jackson Head Girls Basketball 512-3723 3507
TBA Asst. Girls Basketball
Kandra Bailey Freshmen Girls Basketball 424-4167
Jay Johnson Head Boys Basketball 406-0996 3516
Ted Gleason Asst. Boys Basketball 478-9238
Gregg Hamilton Freshmen Boys Basketball 579-8048
Jane Ebb Girls Tennis 429-1939
Mike Brown Boys Tennis 788-3979
Charles Gillespie Head Wrestling 330-0401
Andrew Tomlinson Asst. Wrestling 426-3739
Angie Cathy Wrestling Cheerleading 604-0644 3422
Lisa Arnold Dance Team 218-1467 7413
Marshall Winkler Head Girls Softball 516-6522 3503
Tony Keeton Asst. Girls Softball 415-0214 3476
Patty Tomlinson Head Bowling 579-5135
Foster Montgomery Asst. Bowling 300-5476 3453
Frank Glover Head Baseball 517-2525
John Reidling Asst. Bowling 775-8529
Katie Chronic Head Swimming 847-830-7946
Jessica Clark Head Cheerleading 308-0401
Ashlee Head Freshmen Football Cheerleading 598-2668
Lindsey Jefferies Basketball  Cheerleading 480-250-4039
Jamie Duke Cheerleading 668-0889
Strength Coach
Scott Shultz Head LaCrosse 591-9382
John Negley Head Hockey
Jim Miller Head Hockey
Jonathan Pledger Head Rugby 599-1787 479-3011