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Page Middle Staff Assignments 2011-2012 SY

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Contact by phone, call 472- plus the extension.
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* Denotes Department Head

Name Department Email Phone Webpage
Melissa Oberstaedt Office/Front Secretary melissao@wcs.edu 4760  
Maura Perine Office/Administrative Assistant maurap@wcs.edu 7570  
Tammy Wilson Office/Attendance Secretary tamelaw@wcs.edu 4760
Mary Jo Rothlisberger Office/Book Keeper maryjor@wcs.edu 4766  
Stephanie Spencer Office/Nurse stephanies@wcs.edu 4765  
David Hellstrom School Resource Officer david.hellstrom@wcs.edu    
Nancy Parkinson Guidance/Serves last names P-Z nancyp3@wcs.edu 7509  Webpage
Marie McDaniel Guidance/Serves last names H-O mariem@wcs.edu 7541  
Katie Maurer Guidance/Serves last names P-Z katiem1@wcs.edu 7544  
Leslie Woods Guidance/Serves last names A-G leslie.woods@wcs.edu    
Julie Caudle Librarian juliec1@wcs.edu 4764 Webpage
Amy Layne  librarian Assistant amyl1@wcs.edu 7537
Rebecca Leeper 6th/Science rebecca.leeper@wcs.edu webpage
Jackie Coughlin 6th/Language Arts/Social Studies jackiec@wcs.edu   webpage
Suzanne Daughtrey 6th/Science Suzanned1@wcs.edu   Webpage
Amber Hastings 6th/Math amberh@wcs.edu   webpage
Jason Ellis 6th/Math jasone1@wcs.edu   webpage
Michelle Whittum 6th/Science/math michelle.whittum@wcs.edu   webpage
Clarissa Haymon 6th/Language Arts clarissa.haymon@wcs.edu    webpage
Jennifer Hall 6th/Language Arts jenniferh8@wcs.edu   webpage
Jamie Harper 6th/Reading jamieh@wcs.edu   webpage
Ali King 6th/Social Studies allison.king@wcs.edu   webpage
Bob Lilly 6th/Math bobl@wcs.edu   webpage
Elaine Capella 6th/Social Studies elaine.capella@wcs.edu   webpage
Michael McKibben 6th/Science michaelm3@wcs.edu webpage
Matthew Ellington 6th/Social Studies matthew.ellington@wcs.edu   webpage
Andrew Hedges 7th/Science andrew.hedges@wcs.edu webpage
Philip Pelkey 7th/Science philipp@wcs.edu   Webpage
Belinda Perry 7th/Science belindap@wcs.edu   webpage
Bruce Pettey 7th/Math brucep@wcs.edu   webpage
Kim Willingham 7th/Language Arts
Lynsey Tinnel 7th/Language Arts lynseyt@wcs.edu   webpage
Susan Underwood 7th/Social Studies susanu@wcs.edu webpage
Joan Wilkes 7th/Social Studies joanw@wcs.edu   webpage
Brittany Whipple 7th/Math brittanyw@wcs.edu   webpage
Jennifer Zoky 7th/Language Arts jenniferz@wcs.edu   webpage
Darren Fein 7th/Math darrenf@wcs.edu   webpage
Jennifer Adkisson 8th/Math jennifera1@wcs.edu   webpage
Natalie Mickey 8th/Science natalie.mickey@wcs.edu   webpage
Suzi Constantine 8th/7th/Social Studies suzic@wcs.edu   webpage
Tabitha Durham 8th/Math tabithad@wcs.edu   webpage
Sydney Gobble 8th/Science sydneyg@wcs.edu webpage
David Carter 8th/Social Studies davidc5@wcs.edu   Webpage
Lauren Pitoscia 8th/Language Arts laurenp@wcs.edu   webpage
Robert Oldham 8th/Social Studies


Leigh Anne Melo 8th/Language Arts  leighd1@wcs.edu   Webpage
Katy Reed 8th/Science katrinar@wcs.edu   Webpage
Amy Tidwell 8th/Math amyt@wcs.edu   webpage
Tom Walling 8th/Language Arts tomw1@wcs.edu   webpage
Wayne Baldwin Exploratory/Creative Dramatics wayneb@wcs.edu   webpage
Joanna Brewer Exploratory/Physical Education joannab1@wcs.edu   webpage
Evan Burton Exploratory/Music/Band evanb@wcs.edu   webpage
Donnie Clemons Exploratory/Broadcasting donniec@wcs.edu   webpage
Andi Davis Exploratory/Art andid@wcs.edu   webpage
Sharon King Exploratory/Spanish sharonk@wcs.edu   webpage
Wes May Exploratory/Physical Education wesm@wcs.edu   Webpage
Derek Pack Exploratory/Physical Education derekp@wcs.edu   Webpage
Carol Strayer Exploratory/ Band carol.strayer@wcs.edu   Webpage
Lindsey Wells Exploratory/Music Technology/Chorus lindseyw@wcs.edu   Webpage
Pam Ashworth Student Support Services/ pama1@wcs.edu    

Leann White

Student Support Services/7th grade leann.white@wcs.edu    
Melanie Castleman Student Support Services/ melanie.castleman@wcs.edu    
Carol Cajka Student Support Services/ carolc3@wcs.edu
Sherry Locke Student Support Services/ sherryl@wcs.edu    
Carla Long Student Support Services/ carlal@wcs.edu    
Raven Marlin Student Support Services/ ravenm@wcs.edu    
Tonya Becker Student Support Services/ tonya.becker@wcs.edu    
Becky Mooring Student Support Services/ rebecca.mooring@wcs.edu    
Dana Perkins Student Support Services/ dana.perkins@wcs.edu    
Jeff Purvis Student Support Services/Gifted jeffp@wcs.edu   webpage
Brooke Thompson Student Support Services/ adrienne.thompson@wcs.edu   webpage 

Allison Tyree

Student Support Services/


Robin Thornton Student Support Services/ robint@wcs.edu   webpage
Joanna Swain Student Support Services/


Jessica Williams Student Support Services/ jessicaw1@wcs.edu    
Rachel Porter Student Support Services/


Shelby Watson Student Support Services/


Susie Wilcox Student Support Services/ suzannew1@wcs.edu
Heather Olson STARS Student Support Specialist/Counselor heather.olson@wcs.edu 7558
Melisa Carpenter SLP melissa.carpenter@wcs.edu    
Dana Burke Support Staff/School Psychologist danab@wcs.edu    
Jennifer Caporali Support Staff/Cafeteria Manager jenniferc1@wcs.edu
  Support Staff/   7539  
Shelly Paladino Support Staff/Occupational therapist shelly.palodino@wcs.edu 7539  
Tracy Baggett Support Staff/ELL


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